Holding a dish cloth in her hand

Nobody Knows pp.27. “George Willard found Louise Trunnion in the kitchen of her father’s house. She was washing dishes by the light of a kerosene lamp. There she stood behind the screen door in the little shedlike kitchen at the back of the house. George Willard stopped by a picket fence and tried to control the shaking of his body. Only a narrow potato patch separated him from the adventure. Five minutes passed before he felt sure enough of himself to call to her. ‘Louise! Oh, Louise!’ he called. The cry stuck in his throat. His voice became a hoarse whisper.

Louise Trunnion came out across the potato patch holding the dish cloth in her hand. ‘How do you know I want to go out with you,’ she said sulkily. ‘What makes you so sure?’

George Willard did not answer. In silence the two stood in the darkness with the fence between them. ‘You go on along,’ she said. ‘Pa’s in there. I’ll come along. You wait by Williams’ barn.'”

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