GODLINESS (iv) / David Hardy

PP. 53: “One day he killed a squirrel that sat on one of the lower branches of a tree and chattered at him. Home he ran with the squirrel in his hand“.

PP. 55: “As he ran he put his hand into his pocket and took out the branched stick from which the sling for shooting squirrels was suspended”; “when he saw his grandfather still running toward him with the long knife held tightly in his hand he did not hesitate”.

Conflation of the biblical narratives of David and Goliath and Abraham and Isaac. David Bentley thinks Jesse Bentley is Abraham to his Isaac, and treats him as a Goliath, but Jesse Bentley thinks David Bentley is really (King) David to his Jesse (the father).

Another instance of ‘mistaken-ness’. Like Dr. Parcival mistakenly think the town is going to come after him for something it doesn’t even know about, and Reefy and Williard’s intimacy is disturbed by someone who they wrongly imagine will discover them, so David thinks that Jesse is coming after him when he is in fact going after the lamb.

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