Hand to mouth, hands and knees, trembling hands

Adventure pp.67. “The man on the sidewalk stopped and stood listening. He was an old man and somewhat deaf. Putting his hand to his mouth, he shouted. ‘What? What say?’ he called.

Alice dropped to the ground and lay trembling. She was so frightened at the thought of what she had done that when the man had gone on his way she did not dare get to her feet, but crawled on hands and knees through the grass to the house. When she got to her own room she bolted the door and drew her dressing table across the doorway. Her body shook as with a chill and her hands trembled so that she had difficulty getting into her nightdress. When she got into bed she buried her face in the pillow and wept brokenheartedly. ‘What is the matter with me? I will do something dreadful if I am not careful,’ she thought, and turning her face to the wall, began trying to force herself to face bravely the fact that many people must live and die alone, even in Winesburg.”


Pillow“… Pillows are mentioned six times in Winesburg with respect to three persons: Alice Lindman (twice), Kate Swift (twice), and George Willard (twice).

–Why would a person hard of hearing put their hand to their mouth exactly? And is this perhaps Old Jake Trunnion, of whom we’re told (Nobody Knows, pp.27) he was “half deaf” ?

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