Bag of seeds in the hand, handing seeds

Respectability pp.71. “The young telegraph operator was madly in love. With a kind of religious fervor he had managed to go through the pitfalls of his youth and to remain virginal until after his marriage. He made for George Willard a picture of his life in the house at Columbus, Ohio, with the young wife. ‘In the garden back of our house we planted vegetables,’ he said, ‘you know, peas and corn and such things. We went to Columbus in early March and as soon as the days became warm I went to work in the garden. With a spade I turned up the black ground while she ran about laughing and pretending to be afraid of the worms I uncovered. Late in April came the planting. In the little paths among the seed beds she stood holding a paper bag in her hand. The bag was filled with seeds. A few at a time she handed me the seeds that I might thrust them into the warm, soft ground.’

For a moment there was a catch in the voice of the man talking in the darkness. ‘I loved her,’ he said. ‘I don’t claim not to be a fool. I love her yet. There in the dusk in the spring evening I crawled along the black ground to her feet and groveled before her. I kissed her shoes and the ankles above her shoes. When the hem of her garment touched my face I trembled.”


“Seed” occurs six times in Winesburg. In Dr. Reefy were “the seeds of something very fine.”

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