THE TEACHER / Kate Swift

PP. 96: “With hands clasped behind her back the school teacher walked up and down in the schoolroom and talked very rapidly.”

PP. 96:”As he turned to go she spoke his name softly and with an impulsive movement took hold of his hand“;

PP. 97: “Again her hands took hold of his shoulders and she turned him about”;

PP. 98: “When he came and put a hand on her shoulder she turned and let her body fall heavily against him” (fists);

PP. 99: “When he became drowsy and closed his eyes, he raised a hand and with it groped about in the darkness. ‘I have missed something'”.

Things to look into: contrasting Wing Biddlebaum and Kate Swift as teachers of George Willard (the former tells Willard to stop listening to others voices, while the latter tells him he will have to learn to live in order to be able to write); also an interpretation of ‘fists’; and of ‘manifestation of god’; …

For example: in Strength of God Swift, thinking of Willard, beats a pillow with her “fists”. Biddlebaum, when in Willard’s presence, closes his hand into a fist and beats them on something.

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