Soiled cloth and three silver dollars

“The Untold Lie”, pp.126 “She only wanted him to go into town for groceries and as soon as she had told him what she wanted began to scold. ‘You’re always puttering,’ she said. ‘Now I want you to hustle. There isn’t anything in the house for supper and you’ve got to get to town and back in a hurry.’

Ray went into his own house and took an overcoat from a hook back of the door. It was torn about the pockets and the collar was shiny. His wife went into the bedroom and presently came out with a soiled cloth in one hand and three silver dollars in the other. Somewhere in the house a child wept bitterly and a dog that had been sleeping by the stove arose and yawned. Again the wife scolded. ‘The children will cry and cry. Why are you always puttering?’ she asked.”


Overcoat.“It was torn about the pockets and the collar was shiny…” Clear contrast with George’s new overcoat in the preceding tale (120) but unsure of what the shiny collar might be intended to convey.

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