He took hold of her hand

“Sophistication”, pp.148 “Helen arose and went into the house. At the door leading to a garden at the back she stopped and stood listening. Her mother began to talk. ‘There is no one here fit to associate with a girl of Helen’s breeding,’ she said.

Helen ran down a flight of stairs at the back of the house and into the garden. In the darkness she stopped and stood trembling. It seemed to her that the world was full of meaningless people saying words. Afire with eagerness she ran through a garden gate and, turning a corner by the banker’s barn, went into a little side street. ‘George! Where are you, George?’ she cried, filled with nervous excitement. She stopped running, and leaned against a tree to laugh hysterically. Along the dark little street came George Willard, still saying words. ‘I’m going to walk right into her house. I’ll go right in and sit down,’ he declared as he came up to her. He stopped and stared stupidly. ‘Come on,’ he said and took hold of her hand. With hanging heads they walked away along the street under the trees. Dry leaves rustled under foot. Now that he had found her George wondered what he had better do and say.”


“Saying words”… besides occuring twice here, the phrase occurs in Loneliness: “His room began to be inhabited by the spirits of men and women among whom he went, in his turn saying words.”

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