Outside: two tall women with excellent posture holding warm beverages and about to part company: talking, nodding, expressively widening eyes.

What happened to the bus stop, one asked — do you happen to know anything about the bus stop shell, which is gone, another said. Do you know if buses still come here, another said. Space between each rose-colored dinner plate in the dish rack where another might go. A large white salad plate fit between two erect rose ones in the dish rack. Sound of the pop of a plastic lid as it’s secured on a small, large, or medium paper cup. Customer from Jennings, LA. Customer returning from friends’ bachelor party in Baltimore (Navy guy). Customer going to wine tasting tomorrow. Customer to meet sister for “random barbecue.” Customer said she didn’t know why the hull classification of an aircraft carrier involved the letters CV, but that she should know, having served on one. Two customers, unbeknownst to each other, were to attend the same conference in San Antonio this weekend. Customer’s dog was “good with people but not so good with other dogs yet.” Customer liked dogs, loved dogs, but dogs didn’t belong in restaurants — “these rich people!” Outside, having turned on overhead light of cab, cabdriver took down clipboard from dash. Fashionable young Saudi customer having grilled mozzarella sandwich with tomato. Egyptian customer asserting he wanted cheese on his sandwich — not mozzarella, cheese. Young man, seeing there were no bagels, ordering the grilled cheese and a bottled green iced tea. [Young man, observing bereftness of bagels, baled on balking, and ordered grilled cheese]…

There ended a year in which bad things seemed relentlessly happening to customers (indeed a plague of such years); there began a year in which people started becoming angry (rationally, irrationally) with the attendant, whereas usually years were characterized by him getting too much credit.My coat of arms: oven mitts hanging from kitchen cabinet door handles, one is a square or diamond shape, with a silly pattern on it, a cabin with smoke from the chimney, the other is an over-sized hand shape, made of a synthetic material, colored a brilliant red.

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