Customer, in having indicated the presence of a bug, had not meant to suggest that the bug be killed: had hoped the bug would be simply removed. (The bug was removed with a sheet of paper and paper cup.) Customer stroked his wide beard as he thought (same customer). Customer appeared young and refreshed having returned from a trip to Las Vegas. Attendant expressed idea that “you were where you came from.” Customer asked for double order of lox having seen amount for a single order; had bright orange low-heeled shoes. Customer sat with infant grandchild and dog. Customer ordered large decaf americano and large decaf mocha with whipped cream and whole milk. Customer said she had been here for six months but would soon be returning to Vegas. Customer said chemicals are leached from plastic containers into what we drink. Customer said if you listened closely you could hear your brain hum (neurons.) Customer fanned nape of neck with her long brown hair, drying the sweat. Customer, who looked about to sneeze, was in fact about to laugh. Customer tapped counter with his swollen wallet’s edge, holds breath. Attendant ran into customer at polling station: he’d have to open at the theater and close at the Mexican place but then hopefully would have two consecutive days off, he said.

Customer swung feet beneath stool, then stopped and crossed them as she thought what next to write. (As she started writing again, I expected her feet to uncross and start swinging, but they remained fixed in the newly crossed position.) Customer was asked if he knew the French word for crumb. Customer (Senior) regarding his new “medical shoe”: do you have any idea of what this shoe cost he said… of course I have medical insurance… but could you just imagine?… Customer eager to be engaged socially; customer eager to be disengaged socially; the customer who would prefer not to be engaged. The customer who’s created such a wall around himself by nature, by design, that engagement is not possible. Customer who “likes fucking with people,” he says. Customer reported having purchased new shoes at Marshall’s. Customer asserts, as a joke, that Zachary Taylor died on July 9th having been killed by a tipped over umbrella.(It had been asked: what U.S. President had died in office on July 9th?) Customer asked for additional bread. Customer laid croutons from her salad in an elegant pile on the napkin beside it. Customer, holding plastic cup, rolled the ice around the inside then shook it. Got remaining fluid to where straw could reach. Attendant felt what an attendant will feel when a mass of people come in just before closing yet “let it pass over me” said he unto his soul, [and yet this “able and admirable aide-de-camp of customers, this courageous custodian of consumers’ cares” strongly subordinated all such unseemly sensations of self, — “let it pass over me” said he to his soul.
(….this admirable aide-de-camp de customers, did indeed ably and/or awesomely adjust his interior attitude’s agonized aspect)]

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