Jose. Ashley.

Customer said that, as had been written recently in the Washington Post, the proper or technical name for a squirrel’s nest was a ‘drey.’ Customer didn’t mean to be particular but Iran was pronounced more like eye-ron than like eye-ran. Customer wore bow tie, unadorned gold wedding band, had nice signature on credit card slip. (Customer drew line, circle, or just scribbled in the place for their signature.) Young customer looked watchfully at attendant through plastic and glass of the ice cream case. Customer, kind of aggressive, asked how much for a cup, just a cup? Customer said that, where he was from, you didn’t need to wear a suit at a funeral — only so it was black. Attendant told colleague that the customer wasn’t stupid but overthinking. Coworker said that she would be going to see Barbershop 3. Customer asked if the Danes still use the Kroner? Customer asked attendant what did it mean to be ‘fussy about things’? (It later appeared she had meant to ask, what does it mean to be ‘fuzzy about things’?) Customer was found to be able spell both embarrassment and privilege correctly, which are hard words to spell correctly. It was said that Obama’s worst mistake was saying no one would lose their health insurance under the AHCA; that H. Clinton’s was in disavowing the TPP; that Bush’s was the War in Iraq, etc. Customer going to ballpark, where there was a beer festival. (Tendency in contemporary commercial architecture to make things look like amusement parks. remarked upon: new ballpark was like that and new street lamps were like that and casinos were like that.)

Customer made small table cloth out of a paper napkin, spreading it smoothly and evenly over table, said she’d be going to Norway with husband. (Attendant made to recall that the original meaning of the word napkin was “small tablecloth” and that it was cognate, he believed, with the words “apron” and “map.”) (He “believed”: because attendant would get mixed up as to exact meaning of “cognate.”) Two customers working intensely around one computer: sitting, rising, standing, pacing, picking up phone, setting down phone, putting hand through hair while holding phone, putting hand through hair and holding phone then pointing at a location on the screen. Customer leaving Friday for Paris and Rouen. Customer entered shop with nothing on his face (no intention, no recognition, no inanition, no muscular expression of anything) then sat and started talking sports, an endless stream. (“You see Alabama?” then the endless stream.)

* * *
Abdoul & Ali

Abdoul came in looking for Ali, but the previous day it was Ali who came in looking for Abdoul. Abdoul: I need someplace to eat. (I rattle off a couple nearby places) I was there last night. Why not the Ethiopian place? — No, I already have the best Ethiopian in town —in my home. Alright, how bout the Turkish place, what is it, [redacted]. –Do they have vegetarian? I need vegetarian tonight. — A delicious vegetable platter, yes. — Thank you. I will try that.(Exit Abdoul)


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