Here on May 22, 2014
* * *

The afternoon of thursday, may 22, 2014: Tim was Here. Dave was Here. Tracey was here. The man who sits at the very back was here. Liz was here. Stefan was here. Griffin was here. Aimee — well perhaps it was the previous day– was here. Jose was here. The man raised in Miami was here. A young couple was here (The young couple they had come in with ate instead across the street.) Tommy was here. A woman who asked if she could use the bathroom was here. A man who ordered a large coffee and said thank you when he left was here. The Turkish lady was here. (And the other woman who I think is Turkish who broke her foot years ago? was here). Scott (who bought Dave breakfast) was here. Agu was here. A man I hadn't seen in a while (small coffee) was here. John was here. The woman who wears a Nirvana t-shirt was here. Steve and Sara were here —here on may the 22, 2014.


Customer asked attendant where he lived (three miles that way) customer asked attendant where he was from originally (this general area) customer asked attendant how old he was (’73) you look much older said the customer (no response) well what the hell happened to you, man, said the customer, on hearing attendant’s age (no response). Attendant, encountering customer on way home, wouldn’t stop (was “too tired”); attendant, encountering customers on way in, wouldn’t stop (“was late”). Customer ordered grilled cheese sandwich, an everything bagel with cream cheese and tomato, a plain bagel with cream cheese and tomato, a large coffee, a small mocha caramel latte with whipped cream, and a peanut butter cookie. Customer had no problem with the fact that the two Dakotas, with a combined population of some three million, commanded four senate votes, while the state of California, with some 50 million citizens, commanded just two — it was in the Constitution. Customer said no he had not found another yoga place after the local one closed down: needed to look into that actually. Customer said he had just apologized for having said six months ago he was doing fine when he really wasn’t “now that’s some country shit.”

Erica & Colin

Jaywalking, realize a car is coming, stepping foot performs quick pivot, digs in asphalt. Customer said they were exceedingly happy with the early education center at the nearby episcopal church. Attendant had read previous night on a twitter feed that the reason the moon’s craters were all circles and not more like skid marks was that an explosion created by the asteroid created the crater, not the asteroid itself, he said. Customer said she’d come in because she needed to see a friendly face. Customer said the human foot was truly a marvel for the kinds of impacts it bears. Attendant saw “divine hand” in failing repeatedly to slip his foot into his pants — having actually intended to put on a different pair today. Customer said Gym Muscles were Fake Muscles: “you see marines in muscles, man? They don’t got no muscles. What they got is tone.” Customer had not heard yet of Alaska’s massive puffin die-off. Customer did not know largest island East of New Zealand was Vancouver Island. What would customer be doing for her birthday? “Chillin.” Customer clasped hands together, demonstrating how “the calf and hamstring met in the knee.”

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