Woman dressed entirely in dark blue pulled slowly and distractedly at same hair clump as she read: about the size of a single pasta serving and the fingers wrapped as she would take it from the box.

Woman dressed in stripes: a light fabric and short cut. Seem to trace the outlines of her skull’s temporal lobe with her finger as she spoke.

Customer asked if he would be charged the fifty cent surcharge for almond milk if he wanted only a little bit of it.

Attendant asked writing instructor how much of bad writing was owing to simple underconfidence — to discomfort with presenting oneself as an authority?

(Instructor replied: had never considered that)

June 22nd.

Volunteer firefighter said yes he did know Turlock CA very well and repeated an amusing anecdote. Rain in the evening, something wrong with the traffic light: brightly vested officers in the heat wave whistled at cars with closed windows (repetitions of police whistles, waving motions)… Nozzles and bottoms and corners and Time and spouts and tiles and wetness and angles, as well as stainless steel and soap…(And these things existing among the thoughts of them: nozzles among thoughts of nozzles, angles coexisting with one’s knowing of them, with one’s not knowing of them).

Smudged egglike stain of dried coffee beneath urn spigots: wet central part and wider dried rim; (inner brown eggwhite with peripheral black yoke). Spills on the top of the cabinet doors that open to the garbage; Stains on the upper back rim or lip of the toilet (which get there how? and get the gag reflex going) Irregular dried water circles on stainless steel by the sink.(A taxonomy of stains and spills is conceived — though probably Stains are to be considered a mere phylum of the Kingdom of Spills, as they are nothing but Dried Spills.)

(Name for a band or for this work: Kingdom of Spills)

A veritable Linnaeus of splashes and squirts, a Novum Organon of overflows, overruns, of unwelcome discharges of all sorts…Of splotches, of blotches, of smudges, of smears…

Outline of the motions of the wet towel, dried now, on the fridge door, on the countertop , on the door of the milk fridge; phantom towels; the fossil footprints of former wipes and wiping motions

Customer put styrofoam cup to ear, tapped end with the convexity of a plastic spoon, listening. Customer expressed view that not caring how you looked was less superficial, therefore good. Attendant countered with a maxim of his grandmother’s: that looking good and taking care of oneself was a courtesy to others, actually the opposite of vanity. (Further pondered: that emotional honesty can keep us from looking well, smelling well.) Creases in customer’s shirt-back rippled, a sort of exo-musculature, as he worked, typed. Customer used edge of hand to backhandedly scrape residue of sesame and poppy seeds from his table. Attendant did same from cutting board with back edge of knife. Customer identified tree outside shop window as honey locust, said it looked sickly. (This was our “resident tree”, usually barren and suggestive of a Beckett play. Sidewalk’s pale brickwork twisted up around it.) Customer had elbow by his stack of papers. Yesterday’s Hairbun in the Hairbun of today and the Quantum Entanglement of Hair buns: coming.

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