One of those days which is not exactly slow, is indeed what you would call “steady”, but everyone comes in one at a time, and doesn’t stay long or sit down, and when one leaves, another comes. One of those days in which everyone comes at once. (They “come not single spies…”) One of those days in which no one comes (often with accompanying heat or rain.) One of those days in which shop is full yet no one seems ever to have entered it, then everyone leaves at once. One of those days in which, everything seems to proceed normally and manageably until a large family or tour group comes in so that the ratio of voraciously appetitive customers to modestly capable attendants suddenly swells to 5 or 10 to 1.


NEXT, the attendant sprang, with a springing leap, toward the dish rag.

Next, the attendant, with an unparalleled ardor of amnesty, with unprecedented parameters of princiliness, and all the customary contours of courtesy, removed from a customer’s table her plate.

[NEXT, the attendant sprang, with a springing leap, toward the dish soap.]

NEXT the attendant, alive with litheness, lovingly and unlethargically lunged at dish soap.

Next, with sumptuous daintiness, in a delirium of non-despicable dutifulness, in a fever of fulsome yet non-fustian fussing over, a deliverer of undeterrable determination, he completed, at lightning speed, the task that followed the foregoing.

Then did he sit pensive with arms akimbo.

Then mightily did he change his shoes with great might. (Much of mannerliness did he then show as he became self-shod. Here one found unmatchable manliness of manner matched with the utmost mannerliness in manhood)


Question. Did customer continually or continuously dip her tea bag in her tea as she spoke? Answer: she did continually, or repeatedly, do this.

Customer who immediately looks to his right when he enters the store (who’s at the bar? what’s in the mirror?) contrasted with the one whose chest and head seem of one pole, turning his whole body to look– and the one who loudly sighs, so that no one can deny having seen him come in.

Customers recommended: trio for horn, violin and piano (Brahms); The Best Days of Our Lives (Billy Wilder?). Customer said that if Support Your Local Sheriff came on Turner Classic Movies, he would probably not turn it off.

The difficulty, in bussing a plate, of making sure the crumpled napkin on it doesn’t fall off. (Attendant should make formal study of aerodynamic properties of crumpled napkins.) The architecture of the crumple being such as to grab hard at the air, slide easily off the plate.

Attendant thinks to call his autobiography that: Architecture of The Crumpled.

(Note. With plates that are empty the crumpled-napkin-rolloff can be avoided by tipping the plate slightly floorward in the direction the plate is traveling.)

Customer said it would seem he could understand 19th century English syntax and vocabulary better than he could understand 20th century English syntax and vocabulary. Customer jokingly reproved customer for having failed to vote in local election, but argued in earnest and without being gainsaid they were as important as Presidential elections. Customer said that while he preferred for his movies to be fiction (spy movies for instance) he preferred for his reading to be non-fiction (history and science.) Eavesdropping attendant was made to ponder by the preceding that a lot of so-called fiction (say James Joyce’s Ulysses) was much more realistic than a lot of so-called non-fiction (say, a popular history or political book. Most things that were popular indeed had a fictional or cartoonal quality, thought attendant.) Customer said he wasn’t doing so good, attacks becoming more frequent and intense. Customer said he believed there would be a five month wait period between his last day of work and his first disability check, which he believed he could do, though it would be tight. Customer sorry for having left mess. Customer, looking like the brother of another customer. Customer, looking like he could be the son of another customer. Customers looking like they could be siblings and in fact proving to be siblings.

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