Customer ordered bottled juice drink. Customer said with spicy food heat got between you and the flavor of the food. Customer ordered medium skim hot chocolate for his friend but would need another minute for himself to decide. Customer returned to store moments after having left it to make sure he hadn’t left anything. Customer said he had been a boy scout. Customer reflected aloud upon best travel destinations in Nova Scotia. Customer continually pulled out napkins to use as kleenexes. Customer remarked he would be going to church at different time today. Customer said he had been to church with a friend today. Customer said he wasn’t a believer but felt it was good for him to go to church and also liked the history in parts.

White single use plastic knife on the ground, which the attendant saw when he came in in the morning, and picked up 12 hours later as he was bringing in the chairs and tables. Had seemed to him the “symbol or flag” of that workday. An Iwo jima like memorial of him plopping it in the trash.

Attendant, having initially judged the sandwiches’ tincture to be too dark, now judged it to be within accepted parameters. (He likes them to be “well within” the parameters, while these were just “within”.)

Attendant’s new art project: to be called “Tincture of Sandwich.” In which pieces of toast, at various stages of toasting, from not toasted at all to charred black, are set along the wall like small canvases.

Further, using a specially altered toaster, in the way of a prepared piano, he would create interesting Mark Rothko like effects.

Future exhibitions could include bagels held up by rusty nails or railroad ties through their holes, while toppings and spreads of various kinds drop and seep from them down the walls.

Prospective title of exhibition: “Bagel Wounds.” Potentially, whole room could be made to resemble a counter top, as if what is called Space-time were this, as if we ourselves were slid endlessly back and forth across the coffee shop counter.

(Special: something interesting is that these toppings and spreads are not the sort you associate with toast and bagels or even with breakfast but are condiments like barbecue sauce and salad dressing.)

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