Did customer want the half sandwich half soup combo or a whole sandwich and a whole soup? (Customer had had to raise earflap of hunting cap to hear question.)

Customer had ordered before the woman with the quiche and before the Irish woman with her well-dressed companion, yet I hadn’t even gotten started with the soup of the engineer.

“Acorns of an indeterminate make
By strands of yellow and black police tape
And recently repaved bright white curbing
that I pass undisturbed, and undisturbing.”

Couple from Bangladesh had made a tour of the American West: Mt. Rushmore, Yellow Stone, San Francisco, Grand Canyon. Ten days. Had I heard of something Called Antelope Canyon? Reflected image of customer’s hand, grasping chin, beside real hand, grasping mouse.

Q: why were we hearing Tchaikovsky so much?
A: It was pledge week and the 1812 overture was featured on a cd that was complimentary to donors who had pledged a certain amount.

Customer told attendant that no one from India does yoga while the latter wiped coffee grounds from out of the refrigerator door’s fluted rubber insulation.

The Customer that reminds of an old girlfriend — the customer that is Construction worker asking if he can charge his phone. The Construction worker having left backpack and white hard hat in lawnchair, running for the bus he nearly missed. The construction worker handed special glasses to see the complete solar eclipse, but his friend saying, no, he didn’t want to look through the glasses, didn’t want to see.

Quantum Entanglement of hairbuns: yesterday’s hairbun seen in the mirror, today’s hairbun projecting from a window of the bus. (These hairbuns have a link in space-time, which only the Chinese and myself know about.) “The hairbun of yesterday in the mirror of today.” (book title). (We should have National Hairbun Center to sort all this out. When you see a person with a hairbun, watch out, as they may be transferring the contents of their minds to a satellite. When you see someone with a ponytail really watch out, for those are the “enforcers”.).. Couldn’t see any other part of that bus passenger aside from that “uploading” bun.

Attendant remarks that, when the smell of urine becomes overpowering for miles around, you’ll know he’s been held up at gunpoint (a number of hold ups having been committed recently in the area). Attendant reviews plans in event of mass-shooter attack: first, barrage of stale cookies; second, serve him the “brioche”; finally, ask him if he’d like a “refill with that” and splash his face with hot coffee — the decaf.


Customer expressed that “white people are so gullible” (with reference to panhandlers.) Customer expressed that all white people had to do was “wave their magic wand” and they got out of whatever it was — oh yes you do.” Customer made remarks which he didn’t at all intend to be anti-semitic. Customer asked customer if he was Jewish (you’re jewish, right?) in a conversation not at all pertaining to that. Customer said he sincerely did not think “Sir Nose” was anti-semitic but had to do with cocaine. Customer criticized implementation of restroom key as “amateur.”

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