…teachers, accountants, retirees, cab drivers, construction workers (various types), bureaucrats (various types), IT workers (strange concentration of IT workers), military (many of military), classical musicians… Customer indicated he was going to see a guru who could bend a spoon with his mind. (He could do it too but it took a lot of his shakti.) We were better off under Henry 8th than we were under Obama, said customer. Said goodbye to Al this week. (The financing fell through for the prospective buyer of his condo but he had already moved out and is saying to hell with it — he’ll conduct the sale through the mail.) “I’m moving back to New York so come around here and give me a hug.” One of the lawn chairs outside had lost a leg and a customer said that in his country you would never see something like this. Something is broken and people just walk away. Customer ordered small iced decaf latte. Customer ordered med chai for his daughter, a medium mocha for himself and two cookies. Parent customer supervised while children customers made order: plain bagel with cream cheese, plain bagel with cream cheese and lox.

attendant deliberated about serious seeming toilet issue: the problem appeared to be that it was refilling too slowly.

“concerned coffee carrier reflected on toilet terror:


Attendant proposed Star Trek episode: a whole civilization has gone insane (yet all its individuals are sane.) There is a total disconnect between the people and the politics of this insane planet.

Customer encouraged other customer about finding a job: “hang in there.” Customer, as customer was leaving, further encouraged him: “I’ve been there and it sucks.” Attendant found new interest and meaning in a New Testament passage: early Luke: Simon Peter had been fishing” all night” and not caught anything; but Jesus, directing them to the deeper part, enjoined them to try again, whereupon they made a great catch. Attendant’s newfound appreciation involved that he sort of knew now what it meant, he felt, to fruitlessly fish all night. Customer was surprised he was the first of his party to arrive. Pedestrian hailed ineffectually a bus not scheduled for this stop, yet showed no surprise it hadn’t stopped. Top of the roof of the Prius didn’t reach the bottom of the driver’s side window of the pickup. Customer said the wedding been a great time: it had been by a big lake. Customer said Eritrean Independence Day would be celebrated May 24th — Please pray for us. Customer ordered six plain bagels with veggie cream cheese and red onion. Customer ordered two bagels with lox and tomato and two large iced coffees. Customer ordered one plain bagel with plain cream cheese and a large iced coffee. Customer ordered two pounds of coffee, which she needed to have ground for a French press, two medium coffees, a butter croissant and cinnamon muffin. They fed customer at the hotel, where she had just gotten off work. Customer before her, woman with child, paid with a hundred; was teaching the child to count and also teaching her to tip wait staff; ordered lemon cheesecake, chocolate mousse, small chai. Customer confirmed Berlin had been part of what was once Prussia. During rush, attendant had somewhat unusual sense that he was both doing his job exceptionally well, not just expediently but kind of gracefully, while yet incurring displeasure: his expedience and skill may have been a mitigating factor, but there was something else he was doing that he was not seeing and that was not liked by the people in the long line.

Customer ordered iced coffee with soy and everything bagel with cream cheese. Customer ordered large medium roast coffee. Mother and daughter paying and ordering separately but both ordering small au laits, though the daughter ordered a chocolate chip cookie too. Attendant remembered that last week he had forgot this customer’s strawberry ice cream and so this week made sure to recall, produced that first. Customer ordered large smoothie and chief sandwich and said that, though he didn’t agree with the result of Citizens United, thought the majority argument was very strong. (Customer was enjoined by attendant to read Stevens’ much stronger dissent.) Customer told attendant it seemed like he was the only person who worked here. Customer ordered medium caramel latte with soy and an extra shot and a bagel untoasted with nothing — in a bag.

Customer ordered two medium dark roasted coffees and three bagels: a sesame with cream cheese and lox, a wheat with cream cheese lox capers and red onions; and a wheat with cream cheese lox capers and red onions, and for their friend a hot chocolate and sesame bagel with lox. Customer ordered double espresso, said he had squandered yesterday’s beautiful day. Guessed we had only about ten such days in a year. Later his friend arrived by bike, who also had an espresso, then the two of them ordered sandwiches in the thick of the rush. (People were saying the weather had turned cold. A “fierce wind from the North” one had even said.)

Three portabello sandwiches and a hot chicken sandwich, no comment when they left, (equaling in this case displeasure, failure.) Customer straightened and smoothed bill with both hands as he waited to pay. Attendant revealed to customer the “surprising etymology of word ‘squirrel'”. (Surprise is: though it sounds vaguely English, it comes actually directly from Ancient Greek: skia + ouros… “shadow tail.”) Customer ordered hot chicken sandwich with everything bagel with capers and red onions and medium decaf drip coffee, and an almond croissant.

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