What kind of pizza was in that customer’s box? (White pizza.) Where was the customer off to now? (Garden Center.) Why had the customer taken today off? (No reason.) Customer observed they’d “finally fixed the floor. They did a nice job too,” he said. (Customer remarked a couple weeks later they’d never noticed how screwed up the floor was. Would they fix it?) Boss said he’d had a negative reaction to his cough medicine, so now there were these spots on his arms, was leaving. CuSTomer ordered iced skim vanilla latte with extra shot. Customer ordered hot chicken sandwich and pineapple smoothie. Customer said if her blind old cat bounded into the street of course she would charge out after it. No question. Brian, Joel, Gwen, Sara, Steve, Brett…. Customer silently “snatched” the bagel that the attendant handed him. (Attendant had done something wrong, he understood by the ‘snatch’.) Thai woman standing and holding swollen abdomen with both hands, head bent over the night’s receipts. Attendant, having looked from a new perspective upon a neglected area. Attendant, with a “new eye cast upon old grime” leapt into action and cleaned.

— First: procured what cleaning agents he could find –powder, liquid, jell–
— next: procured what cleaning implements were available — sponge-bristle brush, paper towel–
— finally: a bucket into which he drew much warm water.

Pattern of coffee drops sprayed on my paper (had sneezed with coffee drops yet on my moustache)

yet on my moustache: “name of my next broadway play.”

The blueness of the blue tarp and the orange of the orange cones and the protuberance of the mulch pile beneath the blue tarp. The cones hold down the tarp corners and the tarp covers the dark mulch mass surface, which fills the single parking slot.

Customers walked out without paying (attendant’s responsibility, for which he lashed himself in the way he knew how) (lying on a bed of searing hot bagels all night, waking with seared flesh honeycombed and seed-covered) himself paid. County official came in, took measurements, asked questions, made remarks, was listened to. Customer said she had a peanut and egg allergy. A wheat bagel with veggie cream cheese would probably be alright. (En route to Maine from FLA, missed Olympia Snow.) Customer ordered large iced latte and hot chicken sandwich.. Irish accent. (Was Chris from bar across.) Customer asked if sandwiches were available all day: had nose ring and two thick paper bound text books. Customer had seen something unusual on roadside: they called it an emissions monitor. Attendant said that the main reason he used canned beans was that he had not had much luck with reconstituting dried ones. Customers eyes widened but he did not speak when he heard attendant ate canned goods — he viewed them as health hazard. Minute change in the facial expression of a customer at the moment she realizes the face of the person she’s speaking to has been badly bruised since she last saw her.

The appearance is of trees bending in the wind beyond the plate glass and street; the sound is of the bar stool creaking, customer shifting his weight.

Customer’s dress shoes with a unique ‘tap’ signature on these floors; one knows these floors, those shoes, that person; one knows he’s in his sunday clothes and the pride he takes in it, the slide of the toe and the clomp of the heel. One knows the pride and step of that man.

Statue conceived of, larger than life size, of just the rear quadrant and a half, say, of the customer’s waist: bottom of a plaid or checkered shirt; segment of the belt that that part of the shirt is furled over; top portion of the slacks that are girded by the belt. Material is granite.

Customer was asked, what was the secret of life? Customer didn’t need to think to answer: “being active, being engaged with what was around you.”

Customer was asked, what was goodness, what did it mean to be a good person? Customer didn’t need to think to answer: “I try to help others and try to help myself.”

Attendant realizes suddenly that a person, whom he had seen on a weekly or bi-weekly basis for years, he has not seen in months. Accountant from Maine. Iced skim latte.

Attendant at home: had sworn the household’s cat was getting comfortable on outstretched leg; but on looking, discovered it was only a muscle spasm.

Maxims of deceased customers #1. “Your time is worth something too.” (Generally said when you have paid too much for a service in order to avoid having to think much about it.)

Customer twisted soiled napkin around fork stem. Customer set down salad plate, bare aside from glistening creases of excess dressing residue, saying (sotto voce) it was good. Customer dropped large iced tea to floor as she left, cracking cup. Customer said he had come grudgingly to like Sandra Bullock and George Clooney more and more through the years, so that he had become really fond of them now, which echoed the attendant’s own unexpressed views. Customer said he would be taking cab to the emergency room. Customer wondered if some college students knew how easy they had it and how pampered they were — quite a few of her own students these days, she reflected aloud, had two jobs and considered their studies a sort of time off, which was “just wrong and absurd.” Customer indicated he would like half a bagel with peanut butter. Young customer wasn’t sure what a Jehova’s Witness was. Customer challenged attendant on amount he had charged and was right. Customer was to retire in five days. Customer had returned from trip to find both his cars covered in thick ice. Reintroduction of wolves to ecosystem had resulted also in return of riparian songbirds, said customer. Customer had never heard of endorheic lakes but could guess: no outflow. Customer was embarrassed that she had not american currency to tip with, but stuck six euros in the jar and said she would come back with real money. (Stationed in Germany, back for the first time in six years.)

The freezer open, jumble of frozen items on the shelves, of plastic bags, of cardboard boxes, of cut up frozen chicken breasts, of frozen breads, of a few odd frozen items, for example, slices of the parts of salmon, of cold air billowing out;

Little and big leashed dogs encountering. “As the large dog is to the small dog, so (with respect to speed) is the small wag to the large wag.”

Another occasion of having been “hit” by the scent of a turning truck : the cab makes the turn, the trailer makes the turn, but the trailer’s scent does not make the turn: the entirety of the scent runs into him.

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